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The Autumn season is only a few days away (23rd September 2022), so we can expect significant changes over the month ahead. As daylight becomes shorter and the climate colder, many of us will be prepping for the upcoming festive holidays. As a result, businesses should also be adapting their security this Autumn.

Carry Out a Risk Assessment For Autumn

The Autumn weather forecasts usually predict heavy rain and strong winds for the coming months. So it’s vital to keep your staff and the public safe during the changing weather. Complete a risk assessment and ensure you have all the necessary signage available to prevent accidents and damage to your customers and property.

Moreover, during this season, we get 12 hours of daylight on average, so testing or upgrading your CCTV system to ensure night vision is enabled is essential. In addition to adding extra security lights to the exterior of your business.

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Prepare for The Busy Periods in Retail

Towards the end of Autumn, retail will undoubtedly become busier as shoppers will be purchasing for Christmas. Security should be a top priority during this time. Last year, the Scarborough Anti-Theft group collaborated with North Yorkshire police to launch a retail crime campaign to decrease theft during Christmas.

Some of their tactics included

Source: The Scarborough News

Where this is an excellent start at tackling retail crime, UK businesses should also consider increasing security staff in and around the premises to help combat theft.

Furthermore, to help safeguard the public, retail should forecast and prepare for the days when the business will see a boost in shoppers and large crowds, such as the Black Friday shopping event in November.

Secure your Events For Autumn

The Autumn season in the UK spans from 23rd September to 21st December and is a period where many hospitality businesses will host events for the nationally celebrated holidays. Additionally, many pop-up Christmas events and markets will open around November and early December.

The ideal solution is to protect employees and the public who will attend these events with a security strategy. A security strategy should not rely on CCTV and policing alone and should include staff training, fire safety, and terrorism awareness. What’s more, businesses should consider hiring SIA Licensed guards with the skills and experience to guarantee the success and protection of events.

Having security guards on your premises during an event has many benefits, such as promoting good health and safety, providing good customer service, monitoring who is entering and exiting, and preventing and deterring criminal behaviour.

The bottom line:

Start Adapting your Security Measures for Autumn Today Running a risk assessment to see how your business complies with all seasonal changes and events is the most accurate way to determine whether your business is ready for Autumn. The results may lead to investing in new equipment and outsourcing security services, but public safety is the top priority.

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