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Holiday Season: How can hoteliers enhance security?

How can hoteliers enhance security?

As we move closer to the summer season, more tourists are looking for the perfect destination to spend their holidays. Many will be looking at the hygiene and customer service rating in their search. But security is another top priority for many holidaymakers. Having top-notch hotel security measures in place is crucial to protect the people who use the establishment and the assets invested in keeping the areas looking safe and pleasant. Here are some tips on how hotels can enhance their security.

This holiday season, keep staff informed about security

Ensuring your staff knows the correct procedures in an emergency is vital. Emergency situations and security threats can occur in various ways in a hotel. Threats including fire, theft, death, or terrorism can appear at any time. Ensuring your staff knows how to handle these situations to protect themselves and the patrons is crucial in providing them with peace of mind during their stay. Hoteliers can do this by conducting regular training sessions with staff.

Furthermore, hotel staff should inform the guest about the correct way to evacuate the building in case of a fire. It isn’t uncommon for hotels to have printed copies of the evacuation points placed in the rooms for guests to view. Still, the evacuation plan is also worth mentioning as guests check in.

Regular checks on security and safety equipment

Tourists traveling with some of their prized possessions or large sums of money may want to use the safe that the hotel has supplied.  Many tourists trust that the hotelier has made sure that it is theft-proof. In 2018, The Independent published a story on how to break into hotel room safes. The report explained that safes are very easy to break into using a default code. For this reason, security experts recommend that hotel managers test their safes and add additional locks for every guest.

Moreover, all fire extinguishers, doors, and electronic systems should be checked regularly to ensure they work correctly.

Hire a security team to enhance security this holiday season

A security officer’s presence at your hotel’s entry and exit points instantly enhances security.  However, a security team’s role is not just to stand guard at the entrance. Their role can cover a scope of activities. Including; monitoring CCTV, car parks, and patrolling the building. Security officers are trained to diffuse situations effectively, should any suspicious individuals or behavioural issues cause problems with guests. Additionally, security officers are there to protect assets.

Following these tips will enhance hotel security and leave guests feeling content that they’ll have a safe holiday.

Professional Alert Security has provided security to many hotels and other hospitality businesses for over 17 years. Our staff are SIA Licensed and experienced in providing a high standard of work.

To find out more about our hotel security services, call 0161 277 7812 or use our contact form for a free quote.

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