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The Importance of Student Accommodation Security

Unfortunately, universities are common sites for crime. Crimes can range from property crimes (theft, vandalism, etc.) to physical crimes (violence, threats, etc.).

According to Manchester City Council, there are more than 70,000 students in Manchester and 1 in 10 of those students will become a victim of crime. Another survey found that London universities have the worst areas for student-relevant crime from across England and Wales. According to Neighbourhood Watch, the top three types of crime students are most concerned about are violence, sexual crime, and theft.

Crime negatively affects students and the university community as a whole. When students feel unsafe, they are not able to focus on their studies, they do not get to fully experience university life, and they feel less comfortable in their surroundings. The situation detracts from the school, the community, and the area at large.

If a student residence doesn’t take proper steps to protect itself, it is vulnerable. This is especially true at independent student accommodation buildings. Many crimes that take place are crimes of opportunity. People see a building that doesn’t have adequate security and they strike. While most university-owned buildings have their own security, this isn’t always the case for ones that are independent or private property. Criminals recognize this and take advantage.

These properties are more than just buildings. They are homes for students. A home is supposed to be a safe place where you can relax. When crime rates are high, this isn’t possible. Student accommodation buildings can create safer, more comfortable environments for the students who live there by taking security and safety seriously.

How to Secure Student Accommodations at Universities

As mentioned, many crimes that happen at universities are crimes of opportunity. No one wants to be caught committing a crime, which means having strong and visible deterrents is crucial. However, visibility alone isn’t enough. It also needs to be obvious that the property is actually secured. If you just have deterrents in place, but nothing that can actually prevent crimes, criminals will recognize this.

This is a potential issue with unmonitored security cameras. Unless CCTV cameras are connected to 24/7 monitoring and surveillance stations, they don’t effectively stop crimes. Instead, all they do is gather evidence that could potentially be used in an investigation after the fact. However, the evidence may not even be useful as criminals know that they can conceal their identities with scarves, hoods, masks, or other means, making it nearly impossible to identify them on video.

That is why it is important to use security tools that don’t just record crimes, but that can actually prevent them. Manned guarding does exactly that, making it a critical tool for university safety.

The Benefits of Manned Guarding London and Beyond

There are several key benefits to using physical security guards to protect university accommodations. The most obvious and perhaps most important is that guards can respond to potential crimes quickly. If there is an issue, you don’t need to wait for someone to be dispatched from a far away location. Security guards are always on site and that allows them to quickly stop any potential crimes before they occur. Having guards ready to respond makes your CCTV system better as well.

In fact, just the sight of a security guard can prevent crime. As mentioned, criminals look for opportunities. They know that they can cover their faces so they can’t be identified on camera or get in and out of a property fast enough that an alarm system isn’t a deterrent. However, manned security guards are. They’re an obvious sign that a location is protected.

Security guards can also provide additional services. They can take responsibility for access control, allowing only those who are authorized into a student residence. They can walk students to and from their cars. They’re able to assist in medical emergencies. They improve overall safety and security at a building. These added services make them not just a powerful security tool, but a comprehensive and cost-effective one as well.

Finding the Right Manned Guarding Manchester, London & Throughout the UK

Choosing the right type of security is important, but finding the right provider is crucial. At Professional Alert Security, we’ve been keeping people safe since 2005. Our team is made up of fully vetted SIA-licensed security guards, who have the skills and knowledge needed to keep student accommodation buildings safe and secure.

We also recognize that security is not a one-size-fits-all situation. Each property is unique, and each situation should be handled differently depending on several factors. Our security officers have the experience and knowledge needed to deal with a variety of circumstances, handling them based on the specifics of each situation and working to keep people and property safe.

To learn more about our manned guarding services, please do not hesitate to contact us today. We pride ourselves on our ability to not only offer high quality services, but excellent support and customer care as well.

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