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What Is Keyholding And Alarm Response?

Keyholding and alarm response are vital security services that help safeguard commercial properties. In a nutshell, it involves entrusting a professional security company with the responsibility of holding keys to your business premises and responding to any security alerts or emergencies that may arise.

By outsourcing keyholding and alarm responses to security professionals, business owners can ensure a swift and effective reaction to any incidents, including a break-in, fire alarm, or any other security breach. This proactive approach minimises the risk of personal harm and property damage.

In this article, we’ll explore keyholding and alarm response, their benefits and considerations, and how they can enhance your overall security measures.

What Is Keyholding?

A professional keyholding service is a security measure that means giving responsibility to a trusted company for the safekeeping and management of keys to your commercial premises.

As the property owner and main key holder, the process begins with you providing a set of keys to your chosen security firm, which securely stores them in case of emergency. The company is then responsible for maintaining strict control and accountability over the keys.

The keyholding service often includes other responsibilities, such as responding to alarm activations – even false alarms – or emergencies. This vital service gives you complete peace of mind as you can rely on trained professionals to handle security incidents when you or any team members can’t respond.

What Is Alarm Response?

Alarm response is another crucial part of any security strategy that involves dealing with alarms and security breaches promptly and professionally. When an alarm system, such as an intruder or fire alarm, is triggered, security company professionals are notified sent to the premises immediately. 

So when your alarm is triggered, trained professionals from the company will arrive at the premises to investigate the cause of the alarm, take the appropriate action, and ensure any potential risks are mitigated. This usually involves liaising with emergency services, conducting thorough property checks, and ensuring the situation is resolved quickly and effectively. 

The Advantages Of Keyholding

Keyholding offers a range of advantages that enhance security for your business and commercial property by security personnel. In this section, we’ll look into the five main benefits, highlighting how security keyholders can step in if there’s an intruder present or an emergency occurs.

Fast response to alarms

With keyholding services, reliable security personnel can respond swiftly to alarm activations at any time, often 24/7. This means potential threats or security flaws are dealt with promptly, minimising the risk of property damage or personal harm.

Professional emergency handling

A trained security professional can handle various emergencies, including break-ins, fire alarms, or other security alerts. Their expertise allows them to assess the situation properly, take appropriate action, and coordinate effectively with emergency services if needed.

Personnel protection

Keyholding services reduce the personal risk, and potential danger a key holding business owner or staff member could face when responding to security incidents. You can avoid direct confrontations and ensure your and their safety by using a key holding service.

Proper security procedures

Professional key holders ensure that robust security protocols are always in place. Reliable security personnel follow strict procedures for managing keys and access control, reducing the risk of unauthorised access, key duplication, or compromised security.

Complete peace of mind

Knowing that professional key holders are available 24/7 to handle emergencies brings complete peace of mind to business and property owners. You can rest assured that your premises are protected, even when you’re away or unable to respond personally, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life or business confidently.

Keyholding & Alarm Response Services

Keyholding and alarm response services offer comprehensive security advantages, and business owners can enjoy a combined approach to security management by integrating both into their security plans.

In this section, we’ll explore the six key services PA Security provides within our keyholding and alarm response service, explaining what they are and how they collectively contribute to a robust security strategy for complete peace of mind.

Full keyholding and alarm response service

This comprehensive service means we hold the keys to your property, actively monitor alarm systems, and respond promptly to any triggered alarms – even if it’s a false alarm. It ensures round-the-clock 24/7 protection and immediate action in case of any security breach.

Alarm-only response service

We specialise in responding to alarm activations. When your alarm system is triggered, our trained professionals are sent to your premises to investigate the cause and take appropriate action, ensuring a rapid and effective response to potential threats or any technical problem.

Keyholding-only service

Our keyholding-only service means you can trust us with the secure storage and management of your keys. We’ll safely hold and control access to your keys, reducing the risk of key loss, theft, and unauthorised use or duplication.

Mobile patrols

Our trained security personnel conduct regular random checks and patrols of your property. Our visible presence in marked patrol vehicles helps deter potential criminals, detect any signs of suspicious activity, and provides an additional layer of security on-site.

Lone worker service

If you or any trusted employee works alone in potentially high-risk or even low-risk, situations, our lone worker service offers added protection. We monitor the welfare and safety of anyone inside the premises, providing fast help and support if any security concerns arise.

Keyholding & Alarm Response Costs

Our keyholding and alarm response costs are entirely based on the level of service required by each customer. Prices will vary but are based on the finding of a complete site survey and risk assessment analysis.

This will consider various factors, including the size and complexity of the property, the level of security required, the number of alarm systems to be monitored, or the frequency of patrols or response required. 

The results will be included in a full report with details on reducing risk and improving security and safety. The information also allows us to provide a detailed, cost-effective quote and the next steps in getting your keyholding and alarm response service started with PA Security. To get started, contact us with your requirement, and we’ll be in touch.

Choosing A Keyholding & Alarm Response Service Provider

There’s plenty to consider when choosing a professional keyholding service, with or without an alarm response service. But PA Security understands the requirements both services demand and we’re committed to delivering responsive, professional, and reliable services nationwide.

From the initial response to a trained security professional taking the right action at your premises, our team ensures an effective reaction, whatever the emergency, saving time, money, and stress for you.

To start your keyholding and alarm response service, call the team on 0161 277 7812, email us at [email protected], or send us a message today.

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