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All Security Guards must have completed SIA Approved training and be issued with an SIA Badge before they can apply to be an PA Security Guard. When they apply, their application is background checked to the BS 7858 standard.

PA Security fully understand that flexibility is key and that if you hired a Security Guard for 8 hours we appreciate that this could go to 10 or 12 hours depending on circumstances.  We could accommodate this.

Changes to a contract can be made at anytime. 24 hours’ notice would give PA Security and you (the customer), enough time to ensure that the changes are implemented smoothly. We also appreciate that 24 hours’ notice is not always possible in cases of emergency cover etc.

The Service Agreement for the provision of a Security Guard can range from a one-off shift to a set number of days/weeks/months/all year round.

Under certain conditions we can provide a stand-by service for a smaller fee, rather than a full-time Security Guard.

We are a SIA-Approved Contractor and Security Guards from PA Security not turning up once or twice would jeopardise that.  It would damage PA Security’s reputation and future business.  It is in everyone’s interest that we deliver a high quality service at all times.  All PA Security Guards have a proven track record in being punctual and professional.

Our charges are based entirely on your requirements.We conduct an initial site survey and risk assessment.  The results are then included in a report that details how to minimise risk and improve security and safety.  This thorough appraisal enables us to quote with confidence and take our business relationship to the next stage.

Security Expertise and Experienced Security Guards Across the UK

  • Decades of experience

As a highly experienced UK security company, we can address all the challenges you face in today’s security environment with customised security services

  • Wide-ranging expertise

Our wide-ranging security expertise enables us to work effectively with business, leisure and public sector organisations of all types and sizes

  • Real-world Results

Your peace of mind is assured with the close partnership approach we adopt with all our working relationships – and our commitment to achieving ‘real-world’ results

  • Trained Security Guards

Our fully-trained SIA-licensed security guards are at the heart of our business.  They operate behind-the-scenes or in customer-facing roles as a valuable addition to your in-house security team


The focus of all our security activities is to help protect your premises, property and people from theft, fraud, vandalism and personal assaults.

From early beginnings in Manchester over 20 years ago, PA Security have developed a thriving nationwide security business.  Today, our clients enjoy an innovative range of security services that are probably among the most effective and affordable in the country.

To achieve this, we work closely with every client to understand their security needs – and how we can best fulfil them.  Our approach is to devise a razor-sharp and focused plan of action whilst, at the same time, keeping things as simple as possible.

At the heart of our business is a team of experienced and trained security guards.  The portfolio of security services we can provide is based upon this invaluable professional resource.  Over the years,

PA Security have gained an unrivalled reputation built on trust, reliability and – of course – affordability.

Here’s why your business should have effective security solutions in place 

The consequences of overlooking effective security measures could be catastrophic!  It could impact on your business in so many ways.

PA Security recommend that every commercial operation should have measures in place to provide protection from theft, fraud, vandalism and personal injury to staff.  Consider the devastating effects any of these events could have on your company:

  • Business production and services could be interrupted - or the business may be forced to close down completely
  • Your business reputation for reliability could be seriously affected and business lost to competitors
  • Profits could be reduced drastically, business momentum could be lost and long-term business success threatened
  • Reduced staff morale and difficulty recruiting new employees in the futurecould create another set of problems.

Check out our various security services in sectors ranging from Hospitals and Medical, Retail, Corporate and Industrial, Hospitality and Leisure, Education, Public Sector and many more.

Reasons to choose PA Security

Household names such as Burger King and Subway are just two clients who benefit from the high-level security guard services provided by PA Security.  Your business could too!

Whether you’re based in Greater Manchester, or elsewhere in the UK,  you’ll welcome the range of security guard services on offer at PA Security.

We’re trustworthy, transparent and reliable.  And unlike some other security companies in the UK, PA Security are very cost-effective.  Contact us today to find out more.

Round-the-clock support 

If you’re looking for professional, reliable security guards - you’re in the right place!  We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional customer service and will always put you first.  We are here 24-7 to provide you with continuous support and always ready to respond to emergencies.

Professional staff 

PA Security is a dynamic and innovative security company committed to providing highly professional, reliable and cost-effective security services nationwide.  Our staff promise to deliver an outstanding service based on integrity and excellence.

Unrivalled Quality of Service 

Quality and professionalism are an integral part of our organization and the basis of our core mission, vision and value proposition.  That’s why we are one of the leading security companies in the UK.

To find out more about the Security Services available from PA Security, contact a member of our management team today to arrange a no-obligation meeting to discuss your needs in more detail.  We look forward to hearing from you!

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