Take the security of your business to the next level with 24-7 CCTV monitoring and surveillance by our trained security guards.

Our trained security guards provide a round-the-clock service for businesses of all types and sizes.

There’s no doubt that CCTV security is one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect your premises, property and people.

Not only is non-stop video coverage of your site a powerful deterrent for potential criminal activity.

The instant detection provided by ‘always-on’ monitoring also enables our security professionals to alert the authorities quickly should there be a security breach.

CCTV & Surveillance from Professional Alert Security

In many cases, criminals may not be aware they’re under video surveillance by our skilled operators. Their discreet monitoring of CCTV footage keeps you in control at all times – and lawbreakers on the back foot.

Professional Alert Security CCTV Monitoring services

With the support of Professional Alert Security, you’ll be maximising your investment in security technology and CCTV camera surveillance. To discuss your specific security needs in more detail – and find out more about our CCTV Monitoring and Surveillance Services – contact us today to arrange an initial meeting.

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