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Keep An Eye On Your Property 24/7 With Our CCTV Monitoring Services 

Focus on what matters and let our trained security guards in Manchester or anywhere in the UK take care of your security needs with our 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring and surveillance services.

360 Security. No Blind Spots

CCTV security is undoubtedly one of the most efficient and cost-effective ways to protect your premises, property, and people. However, while non-stop video coverage is a powerful deterrent to potential criminal activity, criminals may not be aware they’re under video surveillance. 

Our trained security guards offer round-the-clock remote CCTV monitoring and surveillance services in the UK for businesses of all types and sizes. With the help of instant detection provided by ‘always-on’ monitoring, our security professionals can quickly alert authorities in the event of a security breach.

Take A Proactive Approach To Security

With the support of Professional Alert Security, you’ll be maximising your investment in security technology and CCTV camera surveillance. Count on our 24/7 remote CCTV monitoring and surveillance services to keep you in control at all times – and lawbreakers on the back foot.

Professional Alert Security CCTV Monitoring services

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Areas We Serve

We provide our CCTV Monitoring services throughout UK. Here is a list of some of the cities where our security services are available

(1) Manchester (2) Birmingham (3) Leeds

(4) Liverpool (5) Nottingham (6) London

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