Building and construction site security

Professional Alert Security has proven expertise in providing construction site security. Protecting valuable plant machinery and materials from theft and vandalism.

The value of plant machinery, tools, equipment, and materials stolen or vandalised on UK building and construction sites runs into millions of pounds every year.

Without adequate security, it’s ‘open season for every would-be thief and vandal who knows his way around an out-of-hours building site. Expensive plant and materials are highly attractive to everyone from opportunist, petty thieves to sophisticated organised criminal gangs.

All these people will gladly exploit any weak points in your security system. It’s, therefore, a major challenge to create a secure building site environment that doesn’t cost the earth.

The good news is – that Professional Alert Security has plenty of experience in devising effective security solutions for building and construction sites.

Security solutions to ring-fence site vulnerability

Professional Alert Security has a number of cost-effective security services to minimise your exposure to building and construction site threats.

A cost-effective first step is provided by industry-experienced and SIA-licensed security guards and mobile patrols who will ensure that all your assets are safe and secure.

Whether you need four or more guards for a specific project or just a couple as a long-term investment, Professional Alert Security offers bespoke manned guard packages to match your needs and your budget.

Our other security services include:

  • Secure key holding with rapid alarm response
  • Wireless alarm systems
  • Access control systems
  • Portable CCTV surveillance and alarm systems
  • Lock and unlock services
  • Electric fences
  • Building security solutions

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