Professional Alert Security operates mobile patrol security services throughout the United Kingdom. Marked patrol vehicles will visit your site randomly to ensure everything is as it should be, helping protect your property every day of the year.

As a security-conscious business or organisation, you’ll know that having a visible security presence on-site can significantly reduce trespassing vandalism and theft. Random mobile security patrols have the powerful combined effect of deterring and detecting anyone with criminal intent

Combine Mobile Patrol security with static guarding

Add Professional Alert Security mobile patrols to our static guarding to maximise your security coverage.

You’ve read about our excellent static guarding elsewhere on this website. Now you can optimise your security coverage by including mobile patrols as an alternative or in addition to your static guarding arrangements.

Our Mobile Patrols Security Services

Professional Alert Security provide a full complement of cover in support of our mobile patrols. These services include:

  • A round-the-clock presence of SIA-licensed uniformed security officers who are briefed to conduct regular random patrols
  • The provision of experienced officers who maintain regular official contact with local police forces to ensure that incidents are dealt with quickly and efficiently
  • The use of clearly marked patrol vehicles which carry all necessary security equipment and communications facilities to enlist extra security support
  • The on-board security equipment carried by our patrol vehicles includes security signage, chains and padlocks, fire extinguishers and emergency contact details for all our clients
  • Reliable key-holding and emergency call-out provision.
Professional Alert Security mobile patrol services

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