Keep your business premises more secure with our key holding and alarm response services

The key holding services provided by Professional Alert Security are central to our comprehensive approach to mobile security.

We understand that an ‘always-on’ security presence guarantees an immediate response to various security alerts.

We provide a responsive key holding service wherever your business is in the UK.

In practice, that means we will hold the keys to your premises in a secure off-site location which our licensed staff can only access.

Speed of response is vital to minimising and mitigating the potential losses of any security event. Therefore, we will react quickly to a wide range of security emergencies – including call-outs or alarm activation – without the unnecessary involvement of your staff.

Our key holding package

To complete the key holding services of Professional Alert Security, we provide professional alarm response and lock-unlock services.

‘Lock-unlock’ is a routine but essential function which we undertake to coincide with the opening and closing times of businesses and its amenities. These include buildings of all types, car parks, compounds, etc.

An alarm activation, for whatever reason, will trigger an immediate reaction. Our patrol vehicles and security guards will attend to your premises and, where necessary, work closely with the police.

Arrange your FREE key holding security assessment

We understand that security needs vary from business to business. A helpful starting point for setting up a customised key holding, and alarm response service is undertaking a detailed security assessment.

Professional Alert Security - Key Holding Security

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