Are You Ready For The World Cup?

Christmas isn’t the only winter event that will put people in a jolly, cheerful mood. Football fans from all over the world will be celebrating the 2022 World Cup this year. Kicking off on the 21st of November, the world cup will undoubtedly increase footfall to sports bars, pubs, and even private football-themed events. So the question for UK businesses within the hospitality sector is, are you ready for the World Cup?

Sizing Up The Competition

How many people to expect at your establishment at a given time is not easy to predict. However, we can anticipate a few things using what we already know about football and the British public.

Professional Alert Security - World Cup Predictions.
●	England games will be popular.
Football fans who support England will be out in full force showing their support for the Lions, especially when we score!  

●	Alcohol changes behaviour. 
Everyone likes to have a good time; for many of us, drinking alcohol adds to a great evening out. One of the downsides to alcohol is transitioning from a good time to reacting badly to surroundings, needing assistance or becoming aggressive. 

●	Thursday and any weekend games will be busy.
In recent years Thursday has become the new Friday. We predict a busy turnout for Thursday football games; the weekend is when most people celebrate. 

●	An increase in tourism  
With many flying out to watch certain games in Qatar, there will still be some who will come to major UK cities to watch the game with friends and family.

You may already have considered these things about the World Cup if you operate within the hospitality sector, but what are you doing to mitigate should anything go wrong? Hiring a security guard company will help relieve some duties from your staff and provide an experienced person ready to handle any situation.

What to Consider When Hiring an Event Security Company

Hiring a company for event security can be as easy as a quick search on the internet, but you want to get this right as it is a matter of health and safety. We recommend reading this SIA guide to help you understand more about security requirements for events. These are a few of our FAQs when customers enquire about events.

How many guards will I need?

This number will depend on many factors, including;

  • Where and what type of event are you organising?
  • The number of attendees.
  • Will you be serving alcohol or not?

The best way to determine the correct number is to contact us and discuss your requirements.

What licence do the guards need to have?

Based on your requirements, you may request guards with security guard licences to assist with keeping your patrons safe or those with public space surveillance (CCTV) licensing to monitor your security camera equipment.

The law states that any establishment serving alcohol will need a security guard with an SIA Door Supervision licence. You can read more about SIA Licencing here.

Get your Event Security Sorted Today

The tournament will begin in November, but it’s never too early to take care of your security arrangements. At professional Alert Security, we will work closely with your event organisers to create a specific plan to cover all security elements and contingencies.

Call us today at 0161277 7812 or fill out our online contact form for a free quote and to book event security with Professional Alert Security.