How to secure your business this Christmas

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration; however, this season has a history of increased crime and anti-social behaviour. So if you’re a business owner and want some advice on keeping your business safe and secure during this time of the year, keep reading as we’re sharing a few of the best security services to protect your business while you are away.

A CCTV and surveillance monitoring service

All businesses should have a 24-hour CCTV system to capture their daily operations. However, if you are away for an extended time, maximise your surveillance with a CCTV operative and monitoring security service.

What’s the difference between having a CCTV operative and a surveillance system?

Imagine sitting at home enjoying a glass of mulled wine with the family, and suddenly, your CCTV system alerts you to trespassers snooping around your assets. What would you do next?

See, that’s the difference!

Having SIA-licensed CCTV operators constantly watching over your business has many benefits, especially if you are away from the premises. For example, a CCTV operative will have a security strategy in place should anything happen on your premise. Further, if a crime occurs, an operative has the knowledge and experience to handle the situation on the spot. CCTV operators will investigate and verify the threat level and alert (you) the business owner, and the authorities if necessary. Thus, reducing the chances of creating any distressing and potentially dangerous circumstances.

A CCTV and surveillance monitoring service benefits businesses across all sectors but is recommended for those who leave significant or valuable assets on site.

A CCTV monitoring service from Professional Alert Security to protect your assets.

A Mobile Patrol Security Service

A mobile patrol service is a flexible way to protect your business throughout the year and is the perfect security service to choose if you have a large area to cover.

How does a mobile patrol service work?

Security guards will move around your site in a vehicle, visiting at random intervals to ensure that no trespassers are on your premises and no suspicious behaviour is occurring. If anything is found, then the security guard will alert the necessary people and authorities.

What sector benefits from a mobile patrol security service?

Any industry can use a mobile patrol security service, but if you are operating within the following; building and construction, warehouse or vacant properties, then it’s highly recommended. This is due to chancers looking to trespass or profit from unoccupied space and expensive equipment left on site. 

The construction industry and vacant properties face high levels of offences during Christmas alike. Theft costs the construction industry 800 million pounds annually. Site managers can help to protect their equipment over the Christmas break by hiring security experts in mobile patrol.

Construction sites have valuables left on-site making it a prime target for criminals. A Great Security Services this Christmas
Construction sites have valuables left on-site making it a prime target for criminals.

A Key Holding and Alarm Response Service

As mentioned earlier, businesses are most likely to have an alarm system in place and with some advanced systems linking directly to emergency services, you may think this isn’t a service for you. However, once you understand how this service works, you may decide it’s exactly what you need.

How does a Key-holding and Alarm response service work?

After consultation, the security company will hold and store a copy of your keys and entry requirements of your business in a secure location. If the alarm on your premises is activated, a senior security team member will visit and check on your business. Upon inspection, the security guard will ensure everything is secure, assess the threat level (if necessary) and inform the relevant authorities and you (the business owner) if anything has been damaged.

A key holding and alarm response service is beneficial if you plan to be far away from your premise, and you can read more about it in our previous blog post.

How can Professional Alert Security help?

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