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A Gatehouse and Reception security service offer businesses the ultimate protection against unwanted visitors.

With a gatehouse and reception service, a professional security officer will be the first point of contact, checking IDs and signing guests in and out of your establishment to ensure your employee’s and authorised visitors’ safety.


Why is it time to implement Gatehouse and Reception security?

Whatever the size or industry of your business, you cannot overlook a gatehouse and reception service; that’s because any business can be a target of antisocial behaviour and serious security threats.

The scope of duties carried out in this role ranges from basic customer service to vehicle and personnel searches as and when required.

The skills and qualifications held by security officers are unmatched within this role.

When SIA Security officers undergo training, they study many modules, including; emergency procedures, defusing conflict, communication skills, and customer care. Thus, a highly trained officer is prepared for any situation.

What are the benefits of Gatehouse and Reception security?

There are many benefits to adding this level of security to your premises.

A gatehouse and reception security service from Professional Alert Security, you can expect our security officers to:

Additionally, we offer manned guarding and mobile patrol services to protect your business further.

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