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We at Professional Alert Security take pride in offering experienced, professional, and competent security guards. So, if you’re on the lookout for a security officer, we have unveiled the top 5 security guard qualities.

Security is the most critical concern for all businesses and events, and you cannot downplay the need to hire a professional security guard. A security guard is a person who will stand between your clients and the troublemakers who might want to spoil the atmosphere.

Technological tools have created numerous devices which enhance security. However, the presence of security guards will always remain irreplaceable as guards have the ultimate authority to stop miscreants. So, it is essential to hire a security company who are trustworthy and vigilant to protect patrons and properties.

Security Guard Quality 1: A good level of health and fitness

Terming this quality the most vital one would certainly not be an overstatement. Security guards must be ready to respond quickly to any situation that arises. The job role may include being on the move and using physical intervention to prevent a security breach from escalating. For that reason, health and fitness should be a priority.

Security Guard Quality 2: Honesty and Integrity

A security guard must be trustworthy. You cannot always watch your security guards, and there would be occasions when they would be working alone. Dishonest security personnel will create trouble the moment they get an opportunity.

However, if they are honest, you can confidently assign them tasks because you have built a relationship of trust with them. Furthermore, under SIA BS758, all security guards must undergo a minimum of 5 years of career history verification which must be completed within 13 weeks.

Security Guard Quality 3: Ability to Work in a Team

Security guards work in teams frequently. So, each of them must possess the spirit of cooperation and teamwork. They should also be able to work under a leader to increase overall productivity. Collaboration becomes more pivotal while working on grand projects such as the security of stadiums or protecting the general public.

Security Guard Quality 4: Communication Skills

Good communication skills can go a long way in resolving complicated issues. Whether the guard cooperates with emergency services or communicates with the managers and colleagues, their polite attitude will undoubtedly prevent unwarranted behaviour.

Security Guard Quality 5: Alertness and Focus

Professional security guards will identify the problem long before it happens. Thus, having observation skills is a must. They pre-emptively stop unwanted behaviour or threats to keep the environment secure. Alertness and vigilance are instrumental in dealing with potential risks. Similarly, a good attitude and reliability are traits a security officer must possess. Focusing on the task and not letting any distractions get in the way of the job at hand will go a long way in this industry. Therefore, a security guard must be proactive instead of reactive.

Bottom Line

Professional alert by name and professional alert by nature, our guards possess all the abilities mentioned above, so whether you want to secure your business or intend to protect an event, think of Professional Alert Security for all of your security needs.

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